Dr. Qiu Chao

Dr. Qiu Chao



  • D.B.A. (Business Administration), Asian Economic Management College, Somaliland Science and Technology University, Somaliland (Distance Learning), 2013
  • Ph.D. (Research for Health Development), Chulalongkorn University, 2012
  • M.Sc. (Counseling Psychology), Graduate School of Psychology, Assumption University, 2005
  • B.B.A. (Business Administration), Inner Mongolia University, China, 2000


    • Chao, Qiu (2022). “Analysis of the clinical application of cognitive behavioral therapy for psychotherapy of cancer patients–a case study of lung cancer population”. Journal of Medicine and Hygiene. Vol 1, 26-38.

    • Chao, Qiu & Guo, Hui (2020). “Research on the policy response of privately burning straw in agricultural area”. INNOVATION AND MANAGEMENT FOR SUSTAINABILITY Conference, 1st, 9-10 July 2020, Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn, Bangkok, Thailand, 1601-1620, ๒๐๒๐.

    • Chao, Qiu. (2020). “The study of the Healthcare Services in Medical Institution with New Trends of Social Development”. Journal of Health Keeping in Good Health, Vol 2, 293-294.

    • Chao, Qiu. (2015). Differences in physicochemical, morphological, and structural properties between rice starch and rice flour modified by dry heat treatment. Starch Biosynthesis Nutrition Biomedical, 67(9-10), 721 – 902.

    • Quan cheng, Zhang and Qiu Chao, Oiu (2016). The application of SEPDS in management practices. Journal of Education Theories and Practices, 9,47-49.

    • Jing, ZHu., and Qiu Chao, Oiu. (2017). The exploration and innovation of the cultivation mode in professional health education. Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine Management, 25-35


  • 500-301 Independent Study


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