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Publications of ดร. ธนกร ลิ้มศรัณย์

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Journal (s)

  • Limsarun, T.& Anurit, P. (2010) The Different Perspective of Managerial and Operational Level toward Customer Relationship Management Practice in Thailand, Asian Journal of Management Research,p. 121-129
  • Limsarun, T., Anurit, P. , Chansa-Ngavej, C. and Bunchapattanasakda, C. (2010) Does the Gap Matter A Study of IT and Business Culture toward Customer Relationship management Practice, Current Research Journal of Social Sciences, p.334-339.
  • Limsarun, T.& Anurit, P. (2010) The Customer Relationship Management practice of Informatic Communication technology public listed companies in Thailand, Journal of Alternative Perspective Sciences,JAPSS Press: Development and Conflict in 21st Century 1(1), p. 57-83.
  • Limsarun, T.& Anurit, P. (2015) Social Media and 21st Century Classroom, International Conference on Bird Eye View with ASEAN Communities, Bangkok on 15 January, 2015.
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